Hot Tapping & Plugging

The continuous necessity for networks expansion has led to the development of the live pipeline drilling method widely known as Hot Tapping. The most usual application of Hot Tapping is the connection of a new branch to an existing network, without shutdown of the main line or leakage of its contents.

The Hot Tapping method is offering a lot of advantages, such as:

  • No costly shutdowns
  • Uninterrupted supply to the consumer
  • No product loss, or necessity for pipeline inerting and re-filling
  • Can be applied in the majority of pipeline contents including liquid and gas fuels, water, steam and more
  • Can be applied in a wide range of pipe materials, diameters, pressures and temperatures

T.D. Williamson has always been the absolute pioneer in the field of Hot Tapping & Plugging, from developing the first tapping machine in the 1940s to subsea tapping operations to the most recent STOPPLE®Train isolation system, it is the leading force behind the development of this method and the most trusted partner in the industry.

The Hot Tapping & Plugging is the method for isolation of one section of the pipeline only.

It can be a single or double or multiple point plugging operation, depending on the requirements of the application. Combined with the use of a temporary or permanent by-pass line, it can be applied without interruption of the flow and subsequently the operation of the rest of the network. It is particularly useful in order to repair or replace pipeline sections or gear (f.e. defected valves) or for the modification of existing pipelines such as interventions of new gear or re-routings. The Hot Tapping and Plugging method is allowing the evacuation of only the specific section of the line where the intervention is required, without the complete purging or drainage of large sections that can be practically difficult and cost inefficient. With the use of a temporary by-pass, the rest of the network can remain in full operation, during the execution of the works.

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