Oil Spill Recovery

The FORU (Floating Oil Recovery Unit) is an oil recovery device, based on the latest technical developments. It is not a skimmer but an adjustable down-draught system that performs skimming activities. It’s shape makes it become one with the waves, ready to function under rough offshore circumstances.

Working at high speed the FORU takes in up to 340 m3 per hour of the oil/water mixture. The toxic liquid will be pumped into a storage facility such as an oil tanker, barge or bladder.

The FORU acts at the epicenter of an oil spill rather than at the end, when oil reaches beaches and estuaries causing maximum damage. It can handle a broad range of oil, from gasoline to crude oil. Simple, easy to operate and safe.

In short, the FORU is a unique device, highly flexible, capable of recovering massive quantities of oil in record time, even under adverse weather conditions. Operated by only two persons it is capable of working continuously without any maintenance for longer periods of time. The FORU technology is patent protected.

From April till August 2010 hundreds of skimming devices were deployed in the Gulf of Mexico. This entire armada was unable to collect more than only 165,000 barrels out of an estimated total of 4,900,000 barrels of oil spilled in 100 days. That’s just 3%. One FORU could have recovered the same amount in no more than 4 days.

Unique features and characteristics:

• Capacity: recovers 40,000 – 45,000 barrels of oil per 24 hours

• Oil recovery ratio of > 75%

• Highly flexible: immediate deployment when oil spill occurs

• Adjustable inlet ring with a 360 degree perimeter

• Functions in rough water: waves of & le; 8,2 feet (< 2,5 m)

• Adjustable down-draught system for a broad spectrum of oil substances

• Fits in a 10 feet container, including power pack - easy to lift and transport

• Easy to operate - Built for industrial use: low operational & maintenance cost

• Tested at the Pollution Control Authority in Horten, Norway

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