Gas Leak Detection

Onflow is representing GAZOMAT™ in the field of Gas Leak Detection. GAZOMAT™ is one of the highest quality leak detection equipment manufacturers in Europe.

Based in France, GAZOMAT™ has been in the epicenter of the most developed natural gas distribution system in the eastern hemisphere, developing the most trusted gas leak detection equipment a gas distributor can rely on.

The range of leak detection products includes the following:

  •  INSPECTRA® VSR Vehicle

  (Selective Methane Leak Survey Vehicle)


  (Compact Electric Leak Survey Vehicle)

  •  INSPECTRA® Laser Portable

  (Portable Selective Leak Detector)

  •  CATEX™ 3-IR

  (Portable Methane or Propane Detector)

  •  μGazex™

  (Pocket Explosimeter)

  •  μGaztox™

  (Pocket Oxygen or Toxic Gases Detector)

  •  JL 269

  (Handheld Combustible Gases Detector)

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