Water Leak Detection

Leaks constitute one of the most difficult problems faced by the Water Corporations as well as other professionals and private network owners.

A water leak in the distribution system is a constant source of cost, may cause third party damages and has a negative environmental impact. The detection of a water leak with conventional methods is particularly difficult and cost ineffective.

Onflow provides complete leak survey and detection services. The leak surveys are conducted with noise monitoring, logging and localization, considered as the most up to date techniques with very high success rate in water leak detection. The most significant advantage of Noise Monitoring, Logging and Localization, is they are non-dig methods. Digging is only necessary to repair the leak at the pinpointed position.

Water Leak Detection may be applied in the form of permanent monitoring of the network or periodical check per area and section but also as a standalone survey with portable equipment, in order to detect an individual leak occurrence.

Onflow is the most experienced company in water leak detection in the region, servicing both the water authorities as well as private customers.

Maintaining a success rate that exceeds 88%, Onflow can claim it has accurately detected more leaks than any other vendor in its region, saving its customers from costs, property damages, nuisance but most importantly contributed in the preservation of the most valuable resource.

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