Utilities Detection & Mapping

The incompleteness or inaccuracy of the underground utilities mapping is a common problem confronted by the operators as well as excavating contractors.

The works of the operators become challenging, whenever a network intervention is required either for its modification or maintenance and repair. Additionally the excavating contractors operate on a risk of damaging pre-existing utility networks, as the precise routings are not available. The problem is more intense in water distribution networks, as in most cases those were build in a distant past, with insufficient imprinting methods, while in other cases the surface topography has changed over the years (i.e. roads widening, pavements extension, squares reformation e.t.c.).   

Onflow provides underground pipe & cable survey and non-dig detection, as well as turn-key utility detection and G.I.S. Imprinting (Mapping) services.

The services consist in accurate detection of the water and gas pipeline as well as the power and telephone cable routings and depths. Following that, the networks are imprinted on topographic drawings, along with their main features such as valves, pits, connections e.t.c.

In case the diameters and pipe materials are required,  sample localized excavations may be conducted to retrieve this data.

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