Pre-Commissioning / De-Commissioning

Pre-commissioning and de-commissioning can be two of the most demanding missions in the lifetime of a pipeline. The pipe’s characteristics, operating conditions, geography and even weather can affect the efficiency and results of these tasks. There are strict specifications and good practices necessary to be followed in order to assure that a pipeline is fit for service or safe and protected for temporary or permanent abandonment.

Pipeline pre-commissioning and de-commissioning require expertise, heavy equipment and a lot of experience in the specific field. Especially when transmission or cross-country lines are concerned, there are only very few that can pull through such type of works in a technically adequate and financially efficient manner.

Specifically for the challenging tasks of pipeline pre-commissioning and de-commissioning, Onflow has formed one of the strongest and most competent teams in Europe. Covering all aspects from cleaning, hydro-testing dewatering, drying and packing to In-Line Inspection, on-stream pipeline modifications, equipment and products supply, to even ancillary works such as excavations and effluents treatment, Onflow can offer a turn-key solution, utilizing only the top in the market. A large fleet of heavy equipment is available for these projects including water pumps, air compressors, super-dry air production units, nitrogen generators, temporary scraper traps, pigging products, pig tracking and testing equipment, generators, trucks, cranes, tools and more.

The unique and customized for the specific purpose equipment is securing one of the most reliable and competitive solutions in the European market.

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