Pigging Products

Onflow is a single-point source for all pigging equipment and accessories.

Representing T.D Williamson, one of the top manufactures in the world, Onflow can cover the needs of any pigging system and operation, no matter how complicated this may be. With an excellent understanding of standards and specifications as well as a long experience in the particular needs of each application, Onflow can propose the proper and duly qualified product to suit the requirements. From simple foam pigs and spheres to special purpose metal bodied pigs, only top quality and field proven products are being offered, so that the user can be sure that the operation will be conducted in an economical and technically efficient way.

Onflow’s engineers are always willing to support and make recommendations on the correct choice of products to adequately meet the specific requirements of each project.

Onflow’s pigging range of products includes:

  •  Foam Pigs
  •  Spheres
  •  Metal-bodied Pigs
  •  Special Purpose Pigs
  •  Pig Tracking & Locating Equipment

Each application requires a different type of pig in order to secure maximum efficiency. The selection is depending on the scope, such as cleaning, gauging, batching, displacement, drying or even more advanced requirements such as pit cleaning or corrosion inhibitors application, but also depends on the design and operational characteristics of the pipeline. Taking all these factors into consideration, it is certain that a pig from T.D. Williamson’s wide range or even a custom one will be proposed to suit the requirements and particularities of each application.

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