Pipeline Emergency Preparedness Systems

When prevention fails and the undesirable becomes a reality, the operational readiness, co-ordination, action plans and response time can significantly affect the mitigation of consequences.

From a gear malfunction to an earthquake or from a leak to a more serious incident, personal safety, property, environment, production are all in stake. Gaining control turns to a race and time makes the difference. But there are numerous aspects having an effect on the final restoration time and the eventual cost.

In co-operation with its customers and international specialized partners, Onflow is developing Pipeline Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans.

The Emergency Plan is custom designed upon the needs and operational conditions of each pipeline network. It aims to the effectiveness of assessment, decision taking, operational readiness and availability of resources.

The outlines of an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan, typical include:

  1. Planning-Preparation
  2. Emergency Project Management
  3. Emergency Response Protocol
  4. Defect Assessment
  5. On-stream technical solutions
  6. De-commissioning
  7. Re-commissioning
  8. Products & Equipment availability
  9. Repair & Rehabilitation services
  10. Pre-deployed contractors network
  11. Logistics and material transport
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