Composite Repairs

The application of Composite Systems is the most up to date method for the structural re-enforcement of defected pipeline sections.

A composite system is consisted by anti-corrosion resins, glass fabrics and carbon fabrics. Carbon fabric is a modern alternative to steel, combining extraordinary physical properties, resistance and light weight and is now widely used in applications where the above characteristics are of essence, such as the aircraft and formula one manufacturing.

The composite system for pipelines can be used as a permanent repair method for external defects or a temporary repair method for internal defects, in accordance with the international standards such as ASME and EN ISO.

T.D. Williamson RES-Q® Composite Wrap is a versitile, flexible and easy-to-apply solution that exceeds the industry’s standards as proven by third party long-term testing courses.

External corrosion, dents and other metal loss defects may be repaired with composite systems, without interrupting the pipeline’s operation. The Composite systems can be applied quickly and easily without the use of any special equipment.

Onflow’s trained and certified technicians can apply composite systems for local structural re-enforcement of pipelines suffering from metal loss of upto 80% of the initial wall thickness.

An adequate application of a Composite System can restore the pipeline to its initial maximum operating pressure, regardless of how high this is. Tests have been performed by Third Part Inspection bodies with applied pressure upto 260 bars.

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