Scraper Traps - Closures - Signalers

When it comes to traps, three factors are of essence.

Construction to the specifications. Onflow’s customers can be assured that the deliverants will be in full compliance with the specifications regardless of how demanding those may be.

Fit for purpose. Being a pigging and In-Line Inspection vendor, Onflow will make sure the traps will be designed to suit the current and future needs of the pipeline’s owner.

Quality and Safety. T.D. Williamson’s quality, certification and smart design is securing a safe and low maintenance operation.

Onflow is offering all kinds of traps from simple Sphere or Pig Traps to complicated automated Launching systems.

Even when traps are manufactured by the customer in-house, Onflow can provide the necessary components, such as:

  • Quick Opening Closures
  • Threaded Closures
  • Pig Signalers
  • Trolleys and Lifting Equipment
  • Pig Washers
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