Pipeline Drying & Neutraization

Pipeline drying and packing are parts of the final stage during a pre-commissioning procedure. They are also critical ones that should be performed adequately in order to minimize the pipeline’s long term degradation and avoid potential damages in downstream equipment.

Regardless of the intensity of a cleaning or swabbing program there is always a percentage of residual humidity that cannot be removed from the pipe with mechanical means. This humidity, if not removed, will start corroding the inner surface of the pipe. Especially in gas pipelines, this residual water content will be transferred after gasification and may cause problems in downstream equipment such as filters, combustion systems or other sensitive gear. Thus, any humidity remaining from the construction and/or the hydro-testing phase should be removed.

Onflow is applying drying methods both with inert gases (nitrogen) in gas or liquid form, as well as with super-dry compressed air. Air Compressors, Air Boosters, Air Drying units and Nitrogen Generators are available for the process. Super-dry air drying and nitrogen generation from the atmosphere are offering an economic alternative to liquid nitrogen drying and packing. The high flow and pressure capacity of the equipment are securing a rapid and efficient procedure to meet the time schedule and specifications of even the most demanding projects.

This process also allows for the safest possible conditions during fuel filling and commissioning.

The aforementioned procedures of drying and packing, in combination with pig cleaning are also used for pipeline neutralization and de-commissioning.

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