Hydrostatic Testing

Pre-commissioning is one of the most challenging parts of pipeline construction.

Onflow is considered an expert in the services of cleaning and gauging, hydrostatic testing, drying and packing prior to the final acceptance and commissioning of a pipeline.

Hydro-testing is one of the most demanding procedures in a new construction or in an integrity check, while the reliability of the result is a critical factor for the assessment of the pipeline’s condition. Achieving a solid outcome, requires adequate methodology, special equipment like temporary scraper traps, filling and dewatering pigs, recording gear as well as experienced personnel, in order for the test to be completed in the soonest possible timeframe and by offering trustworthy information related to the pipeline’s ability to function safely under the intended by the design conditions.      

Hydro-testing a pipeline section can become frustrating, if it is not performed properly. Connecting the pipeline to a water source and flooding it or monitoring the pressure with a simple gauge will just not suffice.

Filling the pipe by removing completely any trapped air pockets is essential to the success of the operation. Monitoring the pressure with the proper equipment and taking into consideration the altitude and temperature differences is also a necessity. Therefore mobilizing an experienced company to undertake this task, can offer cost and time savings, while will ensure the integrity of the test.

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