Pigging Services

The application of Pigging is the most widely applied method for pipeline internal cleaning, testing, application of corrosion inhibitors as well as for product separation (batching) purposes.

The application of a periodical cleaning program is securing:

  •  Effective separation and removal of products with low cost
  •  Cleaner pipelines for the optimization of flow and production
  •  Reduction of corrosion growth rate and general operation cost
  •  Cleaner pipelines to allow NDEs such as Intelligent Pigging

Onflow undertakes Pigging applications for pipeline cleaning, gauging, batching, corrosion inhibition, commissioning, hydraulic testing or decommissioning.

Part of the services includes the Pigability Assessment, when pipelines have not been built to accommodate pigging operations or will be pigged for the first time. In these frames, the company can perform any on-stream or off-stream pipeline modifications that may be deemed necessary to convert the pipeline into a pigable configuration.

When permanent traps are not available, Onflow has a range of temporary traps that can be provided on rental basis to cover  the needs of a standalone pigging operation. This is particularly useful in Hydro-testing projects or in sectional cleanings after a new construction.

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